Tri-fold Flyer


Client: Legal Shred/MedXwaste

Country: United States/2015

Briefing: Tri-fold Flyer to include Legal Shred on one side and MedXwaste on the other side. Clean design with really great use of the positive and negative space, that is not cluttered with information but still gives a clear explanation of what services that we provide. Utilizing black/red/white and possibly gray as the only colors for the design. Photos fitting to our business would be greatly appreciated. Diagrams representing both businesses are a huge plus. Make the front cover for Legal Shred look like it is “shredded”. Looking to create a new flyer that includes the current company, which does paper shredding, and the newest venture MedXwaste, which is a biomedical waste removal company. Show that it is a security company creating something to briefly teach people and their companies about the importance of what it does as well as how do it and why should choose it.

Target Market: Commercial & Residential.

Size: 11″ x 8.5″ (opened).

Appearance: Serious, Professional, Conservative.

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