Poster Campaign


Client: MA Properties Online

Country: United States/2014

Briefing: Poster design to promote a free listing competition. It will run from Jan 1,2014 – June 30, 2014. To win a free listing from us, videos need to be submitted that show why they should win the competition and get a free listing from us. It is voted on by the general public on our website. Design with blue tones as a focus with some other complementary colors incorporated. Since the competition is about clients submitting videos a movie poster style might be appropriate. It should be eyecatching and want people to investigate more. A catchy phrase could be ‘Lights, Camera, SOLD’. Perhaps this in text in 3D, with lights shining on it, and depth behind it. The explanation of the contest could be ‘Win the listing services of an exceptional, progressive and dynamic real estate team – a winning video is all we need’. It should include a pointer for more information, the date and email.

Target Market: Homeowners aged 30-55+ who are comfortable with technology. Main demographic are well educated and have professional occupations.

Size: A4.

Appearance: Bold, Modern, Colorful, Upmarket.

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