Large Infographic


Client: Found Ocean

Country: United Kingdom 2014

Briefing: Infographic for Stand. It will be used on the main wall on the stand at an industry event for the global offshore energy construction industries (oil & gas and offshore wind). It is required to communicate the following three key pieces of information: a) What do FoundOcean do; b) Who are FoundOcean’s clients; c) Where do FoundOcean operate. Visitors to quickly understand the essence . It needs to convey movement and it should flow through points a) to c) above. The company only operates offshore, and so water figures highly in its industry. Full details on the company site. The company is a UK-headquartered company with offices and specialist grouting equipment located for rapid deployment in Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

Target Market: Customers range from 20-30 across a range of industries.

Size: 393cm x 250cm.

Appearance: Bold, Modern, Professional.

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