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Client: Bettie Baby Clothing

Country: Australia/2014

Briefing: A design for swing tags for the girls clothing range “Bettie Baby”. It must represents the culture, attitude and style of the Kustom Kulture (Hot Rod/Kustom cars/pin-up/Rockabilly) scene. Must be a original and creative design. The artwork needs to use “Bettie Baby” logo in the design on the front and the following details need to be put on the back: style, size, price, website and Facebook page.

Target Market: 4 to 12 years old girls. Kustom Kulture, Hot Rod, Pin-up, Rockabilly.

Size: 100mm x 50mm, open to different shapes.

Appearance: Bold, Playful, Traditional, Feminine, Upmarket.

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