Client: Isthmus Fly Fishing

Country: United States/2013

Briefing: Promotional poster for a Carp Fishing Tournament in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. The tournament is open to anyone but it is fly fishing only. The cost to compete is $25 and proceeds will benefit Trout Unlimited. It is a fun tournament with no cash prizes but there will be a raffle and prizes for biggest fish caught, ugliest fish caught, and most fish caught. The poster should be branded with Isthmus Fly Fishing logo and take inspiration from the overall feel of the brand but it doesn’t have to be too similar. Open to new designs and ideas. Add sponsor logos. Biggest supporter is Carppro Magazine. Mentined logo should be placed prominently on the poster but smaller than Isthmus Fly Fishing.

References: Skateboarding or old punk rock album covers like the Misfits, Black Flag, or the Cramps. Old concert posters can be used for inspiration.

Size: 11″x17″.

Appearance: Bold, Traditional, Personable, Masculine.

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