Business Card with Cover

Client: Attitudes Tattoo

Country: Australia/2015

Briefing: Double-sided Business Card Design. Creative, playful and eye catching. Incorporate leather or diamond plate. Female business. Biker theme, Tattoo Photos, Piercing Photos, Diamond plate, Leather and Girls. This project needs to be an appointment card as well for the tattoo artists and piercers. Incorportate the logo. It’s a biker store, we sell biker appearl and accessories, with a tattoo and piercing shop connected. Girls, Leather, Tattoos and Piercings.

Target Market: Male and Female Ages 15-90. Interests in custom tattoos and quality piercings, bikers, motorcycle accessories like helmets, gloves, masks, leather, boots. Jewlery and clothes.

Size: 5cm x 9cm (card) 15,8cm x 9cm (cover opened).

Appearance: Bold, Playful, Modern, Feminine, Colorful, Upmarket.

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